The Good Samaritan Shelter has many opportunities for you to get involved. If you or your group would like to volunteer at our Phoenixville location, please contact Matt McNeil. If you or your group would like to volunteer at our Ephrata location, please contact Nate Hoffer.

Some Volunteer ideas:

Group Work Day
: Bring your group to the shelter to help us maintain our buildings or fix them up. We have plenty of opportunities for this kind of work. From painting to gardening we have something for your group.

Run a Program: At the Good Samaritan Shelter, we pride ourselves on the wide scope of programs we have available for our residents. We have had everything from a computer class to knitting to healthy living. If you have a passion about something, there is a good chance we would love to have you share it with our residents!

Mentorship: Our mentorship program lets you help a resident directly. You will commit to spend at least one hour a week in one-on-one meeting with the resident to help him or her through anything they may be facing. It is a great way to have a profound impact in someone's life.

Cook a meal: Our residents love home cooked meals! This is a great way to help the homeless in your area.

Collect things we need: Run a drive with your group or friends to help collect things we need. Some things we always need are gift cards to supermarkets, bus tokens and food. To visit our Phoenixville wish list click here and to visit our Ephrata wish list click here.

To Show Our Appreciation:

Every year the Good Samaritan Shelter holds a Volunteer Appreciation event – it’s our way of saying ‘THANK YOU’ to all the wonderful people who help us. We also hold semi-annual Volunteer Orientation meetings where you will learn more about the Shelter’s organizational culture, mission and goals. We love our volunteers!
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