A Statement


Good Samaritan Services hears our Black and Brown community gasping for air. No one should lose his or her life or the ability to live well because of the color of his or her skin. As an organization, we will continue to work for justice and freedom for all people so that everyone will be able to breathe.

Good Samaritan Services grieves with the family of George Floyd, our Black community, and our Country over his death. We share in the pain of the lost life of George and so many other Black men and women due to racism. We too cry out demanding justice for George and every Person of Color treated unjustly within an unjust system. We join our Country’s peaceful protests to create a unified voice declaring “Black Lives Matter”. We march forward as allies and as Brothers and Sisters in Christ determined to dismantle the institution of racism so that all oppressive systems will be forced to remove their knees off the necks of Black, Brown, and other People of Color for 8 minutes too long.

We recognize racism and systematic inequalities have contributed to the homelessness of the Black and Brown men, women, and families, who are disproportionately represented in our programs. In honor of George Floyd’s life, Good Samaritan Services reaffirms our commitment:


more about the culture, life experiences, strengths, challenges, and aspirations of our Black and Brown community by listening to their personal stories, doing our research, and continuous studies.


our Black and Brown community through sharing our expertise, resources to gain access to opportunities to sustain stability wherever they choose to live.


ourselves and the community on the impact of racism, oppressive institutional systems, and how implicit and explicit bias negatively impacts Black, Brown, and People of Color and ways to address the issues in our spheres of influences.


for the rights, entitlements, and privileges of Black, Brown, and People of Color to ensure that their voice is heard and stand as allies with them to fight for a just social and economic system for all.

Rest in peace, George Floyd.

To our Black and Brown community, You Matter.

To our Country, unless we stand united, divided we will fall.


For resources and information on how to learn, empower, educate, and advocate against racism, click this link.

**This statement was written collectively by the Good Samaritan Services Leadership Team and is representative of Good Samaritan Services as an organization.