What Makes Us Unique

Responding with compassion to the challenges of poverty-related needs across Lancaster and Chester Counties, Good Samaritan Services takes a customized approach to helping men, women, and children overcome homelessness and hardships. Good Sam serves up to 200 people a day; providing a flexible spectrum of services ranging from emergency shelter to  permanent housing, along with financial empowerment programs to help people get back on their feet in a sustainable way.


Good Samaritan Services gives immediate help to people who are experiencing homelessness, and helps those at risk of becoming homeless, by restoring their lives to stability.  We engage the community to support these efforts.


To play a leading role in our community in ending and preventing homelessness.

Core Values

Our Christian FAITH is central to all we do at GSS. We draw on COMPASSION to respond to the needs of individuals and families in crisis with GENEROSITY. To make a lasting impact we work in PARTNERSHIP with individuals and community groups; exercise thoughtful STEWARDSHIP over the resources we have been given, and express GRATITUDE for all the help we receive and share.

Our Approach

We respond to our neighbors in need without judgment or criticism.  The teachings of Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan serves as a guide for our work.  Specifically, we are passionate about:

Women's Shelter residents

Recognizing members of our community who are in need

Reacting with compassion

Responding with generosity





Statement of Faith

Good Samaritan Services extends an invitation to everyone in need to receive help in the name of God’s love and mercy. Good Sam provides a series of services – a continuum – with a beginning and an end. There are many steps and opportunities for care and assistance. The endpoint is self-sufficiency (with God’s help), having successfully used our resources … read more here.