Through It All

The story of one man’s journey through Good Sam’s Housing Programs. Journeys through homelessness aren’t always what you’d expect. Often times it’s one unfortunate circumstance that leads to a downward spiral. The loss of a job, a sick child, or an accident in the workplace. Sometimes it’s as simple as broken relationships.  Often times we… Read More

There is No Shame Here.

There is No Shame Here.  It wasn’t too long ago that Marion was a newcomer here at Good Sam. Just a regular guy, going to work and living life. No one would ever imagine he’d find himself homeless, least of all himself. A few wrong turns on investments and that’s exactly where he found himself.… Read More

First Family in New Apartment!

Last month we were able to move a family of three (a single mom and two teenagers) into affordable housing through our partnership with The Well. This will be the first family in our Housing Support Services to take advantage of this new partnership! This family is now safe, in affordable housing. Mom is now… Read More

Brad – From Chaos to Peace

I hurried inside the Phoenixville office and shook the droplets off my umbrella. It was gray and sad outside, but stepping into that office was like walking into the sunshine.  Gina’s cheerful smile welcomed me in as Rich shook my hand, inviting me to the round table where two gentlemen sat. It was early, and… Read More

Amber – From Homeless to House Manager

Walking into the emergency shelter in Ephrata I am always struck with a sense of amazement. The realization that at any moment I am within arms distance of women who have not only overcome mountainous hurdles but conquered them, is a humbling notion. Stepping over the threshold from street to a safe haven is an… Read More

Good Sam Partners With CrossNet Ministries to Expand Microloan Program!

We are excited to announce that we have formed a new partnership with CrossNet Ministries to expand our Microloan Program! Since 2015, we have awarded nearly $50,000 in microloans to clients of Good Samaritan Services.  These loans are used to purchase vehicles, move into permanent housing, or achieve another specific goal related to the client’s… Read More

From Homeless to Housed in Two Months!

  Bill came to our Men’s Shelter upon being released from a mental health facility. Life had been so difficult for him.  Bill lost his job and he became severely depressed.  One poor choice led him to require hospitalization.  Bill lost his social security card, drivers license, and birth certificate. Our staff helped him to… Read More

Shantyra and her car

On The Road To Success!

Shantyra’s story is one for the books! Since entering our Permanent Housing Services program four months ago, she was offered an apartment with a private property owner. This new property was a 20 minute commute from her job, and she didn’t have a vehicle, but she took the risk, accepted the apartment, and determined to… Read More

Monica and son

On the Journey to Permanent Housing

Despite the fact that Monica’s story is deeply personal and still unfolding, it serves as a wonderful example. Her story shows that when we understand how much God loves us, we can look back on a crisis and see that even though it was difficult, we have grown in faith and wisdom as a result. Talking with… Read More